PDFs are the industry standard for document sharing. However, sometimes PDFs generated by non-Adobe apps can tend to be larger than they need to be. In this episode you’ll learn how to make your PDF files smaller even if they weren’t generated by an Adobe product.
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The Bridge has great integration with the other CS2 apps. One of the ways the Bridge integrates is via Bridge scripts. In this episode you will see how to use Keywords in the Bridge to easily find your images as well as how to create an InDesign Contact Sheet.
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Now you can create really sophisticated tables in InDesign CS2. Your tables can contain text or graphics and best of all they can be created dynamically by importing tables from Microsoft Word or Excel. In this Episode you’ll see how to create tables from scratch as well as how to created them from Excel.
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Sometimes you need a photo to fit a certain size. Maybe you’re trying to print a perfect 5x7‿ or 8x10‿ photo that will go into a frame. Or maybe you need to make an image for a video that will be just the right size for DV. Photoshop has a variety of ways to accomplish this task. In this episode I’ll show you some of the easiest ways.
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You would be hard pressed to find a commercial website that doesn’t have PDFs on it. So wouldn’t it be cool if you could manage the links in the PDF document as well as the links to specific pages and PDF bookmarks? Well you can directly inside GoLive CS2. In this episode I’ll show you how!
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Category:GoLive -- posted at: 4:50pm EDT

The next time you find yourself in need of the same element in multiple places on your page, it’s probably time to check out Adobe Illustrator CS2’s Symbols. Symbols are more efficient than just duplicating elements in your document. They also allow your Illustrator documents to print faster. Lastly if you ever need to update all those elements it’s much faster to update the master symbol.
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I get this question all the time. How can I take several PDFs, images and text files and make one PDF? I don’t want to send my client a bunch of small little attachments. I want to send them one PDF of the whole proposal. Well the good news is that using Acrobat 7 Professional’s new “Organizer‿ it’s really easy to do. In this episode I’ll walk you through the entire process including a one click button to attach the PDF to your email.
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Nested Styles is definitely one of my favorite features of InDesign CS2. With a Nested Style you can apply elaborate formatting to your text as you type or after the fact. It’s all based on the logic that you set up for the style and it could be something simple as a lead in or as complex as the styling in a classified ad or catalog.
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We’ve all got ‘em. Those old faded, torn, scratched dusty photos that have seen better days. I found such a photo in my grandmother’s house and while most would have just pitched it, I decided to see if I could resurrect it in Adobe Photoshop CS2. While the end result was not perfect (still a work in progress), it’s a million times better than it was and is now in a presentable condition.
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