Using the New Blob Brush in Illustrator CS4 In this episode we take a look at how to use the New Blob Brush in Illustrator CS4 and the Eraser tool that was introduced in CS3 to create art more naturally.
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Category:Illustrator -- posted at: 12:01am EDT

Create Flash Web Galleries Directly in Bridge CS4 In this episode you'll learn how to take advantage of Bridge CS4's ability to create a Flash Web Gallery without any knowledge of Flash or without even having to have Photoshop or Dreamweaver open.
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Category:Bridge -- posted at: 12:01am EDT

Fix problems early in the process with Live Preflight In this episode you'll learn how to use InDesign CS4's Live Preflight feature to fix problems early in the layout process before hitting your deadline.
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Category:InDesign -- posted at: 12:01am EDT

Take advantage of Acrobat 9's Improved Web Capture In this episode we'll check out the Improved Web Capture features of Acrobat 9 Professional. Capture Flash content and use it to search websites that don't have a search feature.
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Category:Acrobat -- posted at: 12:01am EDT

Photoshop CS4 Retouching for a Mature Audience In this episode we'll see how to do a portrait retouch of a more mature person. You'll learn techniques to reduce visible age lines while still making the photo look realistic.
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