Another look at Anchored Objects in InDesign CS3 In this episode special guest Chita Hunter gives an interesting look at creating "custom" Anchored Objects in Adobe InDesign CS3.
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Open JPEGs in Camera RAW using Photoshop CS3 In this episode we learn how to open JPEGs/TIFFs in Adobe Camera RAW from Photoshop CS3. Editing with Camera RAW is very easy. Now you'll be able to do so even if your digital camera doesn't shoot in RAW.
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Shoot progressive video rather than interlace video Join Kevan O’Brien as he discusses how shooting progressive video rather than interlace video allows for higher quality and clearer/less noisy web video. By shooting progressive you reduce the amount of processing the encoder does, saving time and getting a resulting higher quality video for the bit rate. The Canon XH A1 is featured in this podcast, showing the capability of shooting in progressive mode at both DV and HDV quality, depending on how the video is to be further exploited beyond the web.
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Using Export Presets in Photoshop Lightroom 1.3.1 In this episode we'll see how to take advantage of the newly redesigned Lightroom Export features. We'll see how to create our own presets so that we can export our images in various formats for various needs.
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Integrate CS3 Production Premium into your Final Cut Pro workflow One of the most popular questions I get from various Final Cut Pro users is what can they expect to gain from installing Production Premium CS3 and what will it mean to their future workflows. One thing that is perfectly clear is that the FCP users should expect to view Production Premium CS3  as an add-on to their current software and not a replacement to their favorite NLE editing app. The same would be true for any longtime Avid Xpress Pro or  Avid Media Composer Mac user as well.

In this episode, special guest Dave Helmly will run you through a concept edit from starting in FCP to PremierePro and AfterEffects and then back to FCP and finally to Bluray burning. Last step...Prove it on a Playstation 3.

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