Behind the scenes with Johnny L. and the Production Premium team John Loiacono (aka Johnny L), the SVP of Adobe’s Creative Solutions group, is back! Join Johnny and the Production Premium team in the DVA lab at Adobe San Jose, as Johnny in his unique (never boring!) style talks with the team about what went into the CS3 release, customer reactions, surprises, how we stack up against the competition, and what’s hot right now including the new update that adds compatibility with Panasonic P2 cameras. A demo of the P2 update is also featured.
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Scott Kelby Introduces his New 7 Point System for Photoshop CS3 In this episode world renowned Adobe Photoshop guru and author Scott Kelby is here to introduce his New 7-Point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3. In the first part of this episode Scott talks about the new book and how it came to be, then he wraps up with a cool Shadow/Highlight Tutorial!
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Mobile and Devices Part Two In this episode special guest John Agger updates us on the latest developments in the Mobile and Devices space.
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Use DataMerge in InDesign CS3 In this episode special guest Chita Hunter returns to show us how to create personalized designs or collateral in InDesign CS3 using the DataMerge feature.
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Unlock individual Master Items on your InDesign CS3 pages In this episode we'll explore the concept of Master Pages and more importantly how to unlock specific Master Items on case by case basis. You can quickly and easily turn a Master Item into a document page item.
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Wacom Intuos 3 101 In this episode special guest Kevan O'Brien takes us through the basics of using a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet.
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How did they do that? Interviews from MAX In this episode we go on location to Adobe MAX in Chicago with interviews of Edward Finkler, AIR Derby Winner and Joshua Hirsch, Minister of Technology, Big Spaceship. They will talk about how they used Adobe's Creative Suite products for their latest state of the art projects.
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Take advantage of OpenType in Illustrator CS3 In this episode we'll see how to add a little flare to what would have otherwise been a pretty ordinary logo. OpenType is the hot new font standard and most of the CS3 apps take advantage of this new format. See how you can add a little punch to your designs by taking advantage of OpenType.
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Go on the Liquify diet in Photoshop CS3 It's time to go on a virtual diet in Photoshop. Actually we're going to use the Liquify filter to take about 10 pounds off this guy. You'll learn a couple of tips as well to keep it from looking fake.
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Batch rename your files using Adobe Bridge CS3 In this episode we'll take a look at how to use Bridge to rename dozens, hundreds or thousands of files in an instant. So if you're tired of seeing your images with the generic names given them by the camera, then you'll definitely want to check out this episode.
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Simple compositing and sequence tips for Premiere Pro CS3 In this episode Kevan O'Brien shows how motion graphic titles can be recreated inside Premiere Pro with the use of Photoshop when the original After effects comp isn't available and you don't have all the elements.
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