Use the "flat view" in Bridge CS3 to see it all Adobe Bridge CS3 has the ability to see the contents of any folder. However, if you have folders nested several levels deep, it may be a pain to have to keep drilling down to find what you want. In this episode I'll take the pain out this process by showing you how to use Bridge CS3's flat file view.
Direct download: podcast-BR-flatview.mp4
Category:Bridge -- posted at: 12:01am EDT

GoLive 9 - What's New? In this episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast, Adam Pratt of
Adobe Systems will walk you through ten of the hottest new features in Adobe GoLive 9. Even though GoLive is no longer in the Creative Suite, this brand-new release introduces several exciting new features that can make your life easier.
Direct download: podcast-GL-GL9.mp4
Category:GoLive -- posted at: 12:01am EDT

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.1 Workflow This is the one you've been waiting for. In this episode I will take you through the complete Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.1 workflow. From start to finish. We'll import photos, manage them in the Library, work with metadata, develop them in the Develop module, export them for email and then wrap things up with the Slideshow, Print and Web modules. While it's not possible to show every single feature of Lightroom in a single episode, this episode covers the bulk of what makes Lightroom such a great tool.
Direct download: podcast-LR-completewalkthrough.mp4
Category:Lightroom -- posted at: 12:01am EDT

Use Encore CS3 to make a photographic slideshow for your DVD Encore CS3 is GREAT tool for creating DVDs and now Blu-ray DVDs. It can even export your DVD project to Flash for the web. However, no matter what your intended output, at some point you're probably going to want to create a photographic slideshow on your DVD. In this episode we'll learn how to add a photographic slideshow with music to a DVD project.
Direct download: podcast-EN-slideshows.mp4
Category:Encore -- posted at: 12:01am EDT

Put a large panoramic image on the web with Photoshop CS3 Photoshop CS3 now includes the Zoomify plug-in. With this plug-in you can take your large images and put them up on the web without your clients having to wait for the large files to download. This technology generates a Flash based animation that allows your visitors to zoom in and pan around your images. In this episode we'll start from scratch creating a panoramic image and then use the Export for Zoomify command to put it on the web.
Direct download: podcast-PS-zoomify.mp4
Category:Photoshop -- posted at: 12:01am EDT

Take advantage of Bridge Home in Bridge CS3 Bridge CS3 comes with a completely redesigned Bridge Home that replaces Bridge Center from Bridge CS2. Bridge Home is FAST and Flash Based. It dynamic updates with the latest information. In this episode we'll learn how to use Bridge Home to get to all the FREE resources for learning more about your Adobe CS3 products. See videos, tips and more.
Direct download: podcast-BR-bridgeCS3home.mp4
Category:Bridge -- posted at: 12:01am EDT

Doing multi-camera editing in Premiere Pro CS3 Now that Adobe Production Premium CS3 is shipping as well as the Master Collection, I thought it's time that I started to cover some of the video and audio apps here as well. So in this episode we'll take a look at Adobe Premiere CS3's Multi-Camera Editing feature. See how you can use up to 4 cameras on a shoot and easily editing the cuts between scenes.
Direct download: podcast-PP-multicam.mp4
Category:Premiere Pro -- posted at: 12:01am EDT

Take advantage of Page Templates in Dreamweaver CS3 In this episode special guest Kyle Thompson, Solutions Engineer at Adobe Systems takes us through how to create page templates using Dreamweaver CS3. Using templates can streamline your work in updating the design of your site and can be used in conjunction with Adobe Contribute CS3 to enable your clients to update their own sites with the content they want to refresh regularly while you maintain control over the design aspect.
Direct download: podcast-DW-templates.mp4
Category:Dreamweaver -- posted at: 12:01am EDT

Embed some custom HTML in your Blog with Contribute CS3 I'm totally hooked on Contribute CS3 for updating my blog. However, now I've got the best of both worlds. I can use Contibute's easy interface, but when I need to insert some custom HTML code in my site, I can. Check this episode out to see how to use the HTML Snippet Feature.
Direct download: podcast-CT-HTMLsnippet.mp4
Category:Contribute -- posted at: 12:01am EDT



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